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“Deana’s ability to coach and guide me has assisted me in achieving fantastic results in my life.

I feel a great sense of calmness, confidence and power. Deana’s coaching has empowered me and given me the ability to believe I have the power to make adjustments and reframe my thoughts to achieve anything.

My physical symptoms of tightness and anxiety have released significantly and people around me are noticing the new calmness about me.

I am excited for the future as a positive person and inspirational role model to my children.

I am so grateful for the guidance I received from Deana. She is an amazing inspiration and coach.”

Michelle, Canberra

“Saw Deana last week after watching an interview on Gaia with Rob Williams, the creator of a practice called PSYCH-K®. This process offered an opportunity to change some past experiences that had recently resurfaced in my life resulting in extreme anxiety, emotion and fears. During the 2 hours we spent together Deana coached me through the despair until it vanished, along with the endless thoughts that had always accompanied these feelings. Very grateful indeed.”

Claire Lees, Canberra

“Little did I know that when I went to Deana full of curiosity after having read the work of Bruce Lipton that Deana would be the key that opened a door into a magical world. I knew my beliefs were getting in my way but I had no Idea what those beliefs were. Deana’s absolutely delightful personality and commitment to uncovering those hidden beliefs resulted in profound and long lasting changes. Who knew that changing bad habits, negative thinking and low vibrations could be so easy and fun. Thanks to Deana’s passion for facilitating positive change the results I experienced have far exceeded my expectations. My life has taken a new direction and I now look back and realise what major changes I made in a short time. With deep gratitude.”

Josie, Canberra

“I was struggling with a major project I had committed to in my professional life and felt quite drained, and often unhappy and frustrated. It seemed like a huge mountain that I did not know how to tackle.

After I saw Deana for a few PSYCH-K® sessions, everything got a lot easier and smoother. Obstacles were removed from my path; I got an enormous boost, catapulting me towards my goal. I am now on track to finish my project even a bit earlier as planned and I could not be prouder. I still had to work hard to get there, but PSYCH-K® was a huge support and I am in awe of what this technique can achieve.

Deana was very caring and professional; she was there with me every step of the way, patiently waiting for me to go through the process in my own time. I am certain that her style and care significantly contributed to the success. I highly recommend her.”

Lina, Canberra

“The support and guidance I received from Deana Cuming has positively changed my life.

I am an achiever personality and have found it difficult over the years to relax and reduce the stress I put on myself. My desire to aim for perfection and be liked by everyone has caused me undue stress and anxiety.

Working with Deana has had a massive impact on my ability to analyse and put my life and thoughts into perspective, this has resulted in me feeling completely happy and balanced in my life.

Over the years, I have attended differing therapy sessions, acupuncture and read numerous self-help books, it was not until I worked with Deana that I began to notice significant changes in my thought patterns and the ability to self-manage my thoughts to achieve a positive result.

I am very grateful for the guidance I have received from Deana, this guidance has helped me to achieve the best from my gift of life.”

Shelly J, Canberra

“Deana has helped me immensely with her PSYCH-K® techniques as I was going through a very difficult time recently. She has a fantastic way to get to the core of an issue and reveal what is behind the emotions, what may be blocking real change, and what is needed and desired to move forward. The process is so quick and (almost:)) painless and I felt so much better after every session. I am sure it would have taken months or years of conventional therapy to get this far. Thank you so so much.”

Lina J, Sydney

“If you are looking for rapid change you have come to the right website. Using interactive muscle-testing processes, Deana will help you to bring on change quickly, efficiently. No years of therapy. Her processes bring deep reflection and healing allowing you to move on with your life seamlessly.”

Peter, Canberra

“I saw Deana last year for some guidance. The strategies that PSYCH-K® teaches and Deana facilitates helped me to manage a very stressful situation. I am very grateful for all her help! Thanks Deana:-)”

Mirella M, Canberra