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I love working with people like you who are no longer satisfied with their self-talk, attitudes and beliefs and are ready to engage in transforming and transitioning to a new level of health, wellbeing, career, relationships and abundance.

What is the story you are telling yourself that is holding you back?

What do you want for your life? What barriers are limiting you experiencing it?

Harness your keys to Health & Wellbeing journey

Do you want to know the power of your inner resources and start approaching your health & wellbeing from a different perspective, supported in a nurturing and non-judgemental way? Combining powerful holistic wellness coaching principles and PSYCH-K® we embark on a journey to truly harness your keys to health and wellbeing and transform the direction and momentum of your authentic life.

This package involves a set of sessions that are individually tailored to suit your particular circumstances, and involves a set of developed sessions and tools structured to:

Build a new foundation

  • Clean up the self-limiting beliefs from childhood that are habitually playing out in your life
  • Transform past and present stressors/traumas
  • Balance the fundamental core set of beliefs for all human beings (e.g. I am safe, I am worthy, I can)

Define you

  • Create a healthy relationship with yourself
  • Learn how to build your awareness and intuition
  • Develop a set of self-empowering beliefs that nourish and support your life

Create your future

  • Building on this new foundation and authentic  you, create the self-empowering beliefs to compliment your desires and dreams, set in motion what it is you want to achieve.


The package includes 8 hours of coaching – generally in the format of 1 x 2 hour initial session, 5 subsequent 1-1.5 hour sessions, over a period of approximately 3 months. They are available online via Skype or in person.

Complementary session

Complementary session

In this 15-20 minute complementary session we can discuss what it is that you want, how my services work, whether there is a connection between us as coach and client and if my services are a good fit for you.

Breakthrough session

In one session (2 hours) we can really focus and set the intention to breakthrough barriers and change your perception to achieve the outcome you desire.

Is there one specific thing that you would really like to shift and move in a different direction?

Stress and/or trauma → Peace
Stuck in a rut relationship → A new perspective, improved relationship
Job boredom or incompatibility → Career satisfaction
Physical illness → Wellbeing
Goal dreams → Goals achieved
Self-limiting core beliefs → Self-empowering core beliefs

Breakthrough sessions are also a great way to experience facilitation of PSYCH-K® prior to attending a Basic Workshop.

My clinic experience shows that people who take this journey with full commitment and responsibility get the quickest and best results, and those who have participated in a series of PSYCH-K® sessions over a number of months have the most effective, empowering and lasting change.

While benefits are achievable with a single PSYCH-K® session and each person is different, changing long held self-limiting sub-conscious beliefs and biological behaviours, particularly those acquired in early childhood and reinforced throughout life, require more sessions.  It takes time and active engagement to:

  • identify and change your unique self-limiting sub-conscious beliefs
  • transform past trauma and stress
  • re programme the subconscious conditioning, neural pathways and body biology
  • balance you for the new reality
  • identify and release any resistance to change
  • identify and implement integration strategies
  • balance emerging issues and beliefs
  • develop self-empowering strategies for positive reinforcement and support

More long term and chronic issues/conditions may require more sessions over a longer period.

Pre- BASIC PSYCH-K® workshop taste

Interested in learning PSYCH-K® for yourself? Planning on attending a BASIC PSYCH-K® workshop? Breakthrough sessions are also a great way to experience facilitation of PSYCH-K® prior to attending a Basic Workshop. We recommend experiencing facilitation as a client prior to attending, and offer special discounts to support you in your goals.

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