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About Deana
About Deana

About: Deana

I have been fascinated by and passionate about human behaviour and wellbeing for over 20 years. I was initially led to complete a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1995. I then worked on business transformation projects both in Australia and overseas, focusing on assisting people through change. My interests expanded into meditation and awareness, complementary therapies, wellness coaching and PSYCH-K®. Through this I have developed a unique set of tools and techniques to use personally and professionally to achieve health & wellbeing from the inside-out. More…

Fundamentally it begins with awareness. When we are able to bring into our consciousness what flows from our higher self and what resides in our subconscious, we can truly see what it means to each of us to live an authentic life, and uncover what might be barriers to us achieving it. If we choose to allow ourselves to explore with curiosity and grace what are at the depths of our beliefs, our values and our thoughts, we can discover that our health and wellbeing and ultimately the journey of our life, are intricately linked.

That’s where the excitement, fun and joy truly begins! Because you can define who you want to be. You can take a stand. Take a stand for you. A stand for what you really want your health, wellbeing and life to be. Moment by moment, step by step, you can create a new momentum and flow. When a thought arises, a space develops at that point, you notice it, you see it, and without judgement and before you respond you ask yourself “Is this what I truly believe?”. When an intuition comes, a space develops at that point, you notice it, you see it, and you ask yourself “Is this what I truly want?” And in those moments is the biggest opportunity to shift the direction of your life. Because you can choose to listen to your intuition and define what it is that you believe about you.

I have the knowledge and experience to facilitate with you bringing connection to these inner truths, and facilitating fundamental lasting shifts to self-empowering beliefs and developing capacity to lead a fulfilling life.

Paying it forward

My passion is to build connection and community; I’d love you to come join me!

Deana team
About Deana team


Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part; from walkers or those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; we welcome you all.

I have been participating in parkrun for over a year now and have almost reached 50 runs! This has also led to me entering into numerous Canberra Times Fun Runs and Australian Running Festivals. I participate because I want to keep fit, it is a wonderful community and organisation to support. I want to inspire others to get out into nature on a regular basis, get moving and be supported by their local community.

There are many aspects that I love about parkrun, and one is that is it run by volunteers, and everyone is encouraged to volunteer 2 times in their 50 runs.


PSYCH-K® Practice Community

After completing a Basic PSYCH-K® workshop you are welcome to join our free Practice Community that I facilitate every month for 2 hours to practice skills, ask questions and build your self-empowering beliefs to achieve what you want in life.

About Deana team

Charities I support

There are a number of charities that are dear to my heart, just spreading the word!

OTIS foundation –

Oncology Massage Training –

OakesTrust –


WorldVentures Foundation

Brisbane Volunteer Day 2017

See our volunteers in action at PCYC Sandgate helping with refurbishment projects to give these wonderful kids a better place to play! Read more about it here: and check out the Events Tab to sign up for our upcoming Volunteer Days!

Posted by WorldVentures Foundation on Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Heart to Serve: The WorldVentures Foundation™ creates positive change for children worldwide. That means supporting sustainable programs that promote their health, happiness, safety and development.

I am very proud to have recently participated in a Volunteer Day in Brisbane with the Sandgate PCYC (Police-Citizens Youth Club), where as a team we updated the gardens of the facility. The video shows me wheeling a wheelbarrow of mulch. It’s a great reminder for me of the small things we can do as a collective to enhance the lives of others in our communities. A day of memories I will always cherish.

Career Money Life

Have you ever booked a hotel online only to show up and find out that it wasn’t really what you expected? Your perception didn’t really match the reality? Those gorgeous photos on the Internet tuned out to be completely false and that delicious sounding continental breakfast was really just instant coffee and bland, white toast. It’s disappointing, it’s maddening and sometimes costly, but how can you be sure that what you’re buying online actually lives up to your expectations?

Businesses competing online need strict vetting processes so that consumers know they are buying from credible, quality providers, who deliver what they say they will. This is even more important in the services space where the product is the person delivering the service.

Recently, Deana Cuming: Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach entered a partnership with Career Money Life, a new online business poised to shake-up Australia’s career transition and development industry for the better.

A world’s first, Career Money Life is an online platform for selecting career development and transition service that uses community feedback to help people choose relevant and meaningful services for their development or transition based on their needs. Purpose built to embrace individuality; Career Money Life offers a holistic, inspired range of services in career development and transition, money management and health and wellbeing.

Career Money Life recognises that it’s only as good as its suppliers, and so puts great deal of care into the selection and vetting of any potential supplier.

I am pleased to say that Deana Cuming: Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach completed a strict vetting process that includes checks on our professional industry certifications, academic credentials, appropriate licensing, as well as ACCC, ASIC and Scam Watch investigations. In addition, social media and Google search reviews were also conducted.

And we were delighted to do so!  I am pleased to say we have been approved as a supplier with Career Money Life, which is great news for you, and us.

You benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing, that we are who we say we are, we stand by what we say and deliver quality services that exceed expectations.

Career Money Life Certified Supplier logo; it’s your assurance that we have met strict standards in quality and competency.