"The sky's not the limit, your beliefs are..."


I have been fascinated by and passionate about human behaviour and wellbeing for over 20 years. I was initially led to complete a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1995. I then worked on business transformation projects both in Australia and overseas, focusing on assisting people through change. My interests expanded into meditation and awareness, complementary therapies, wellness coaching and PSYCH-K®. Through this I have developed a unique set of tools and techniques to use personally and professionally to achieve health & wellbeing from the inside-out.

What is Wellness coaching?


In a coaching relationship, you (the client) are fully responsible for your own direction, decisions and creating your own results. The coach offers support, encouragement, perspective, strategies, accountability and sessions are all about you. At times I will respectfully challenge you while you are exploring and developing a deep awareness of who you are and what it is you want to accomplish. I ask that you make your time with me a priority, show up on time, be prepared to work, have fun, and be ready to explore your life in new and more meaningful ways.
“If you are looking for rapid change you have come to the right website. Using interactive muscle-testing processes, Deana will help you to bring on change quickly, efficiently. No years of therapy. Her processes bring deep reflection and healing allowing you to move on with your life seamlessly.”         Peter, Canberra
“I was struggling with a major project I had committed to in my professional life and felt quite drained, and often unhappy and frustrated. It seemed like a huge mountain that I did not know how to tackle.
After I saw Deana for a few Psych-K sessions, everything got a lot easier and smoother. Obstacles were removed from my path; I got an enormous boost, catapulting me towards my goal. I am now on track to finish my project even a bit earlier as planned and I could not be prouder. I still had to work hard to get there, but Psych-K was a huge support and I am in awe of what this technique can achieve.
Deana was very caring and professional; she was there with me every step of the way, patiently waiting for me to go through the process in my own time. I am certain that her style and care significantly contributed to the success. I highly recommend her.
I (also) consulted Deana hoping to help my cat Jack. He had lost a lot of weight in the past year, and was suffering from a bile duct inflammation. Since Deana did a balance for him he has not been sick, and he seems more relaxed and happier.”                Lina, Canberra

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is a direct way to identify and change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits and behaviours that you would like to change. It is a simple and non-invasive process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that are self-limiting in areas such as your self-esteem, relationships, job/life performance and even your physical health! I invite you to investigate and experience the powerful outcomes of PSYCH-K® sessions.

PSYCH-K® Resources




This TedTalk by Brené Brown is one of my all time favourites. To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.
Well worth watching. https://youtu.be/Z0ZrkBCnfxw